Are snails killed for Snail Cream?

Snail Cream

One of the natural ingredients in Snail Cream comes from Snail slime or Snail mollusks. As time goes on, the world is changing, innovating new technologies. Snails are not harmed or killed during harvesting Snail mucin.

Cruelty-free methods:

Science has a great role in developing new cruelty-free methods for extracting Snail mucin, the main ingredient found in Snail Cream Korea. Here we mentioned some harmless methods of harvesting Snails extract.


Breeders place a group of healthy snails on a mesh net in a dark room where they move freely without any harm and leave their trails naturally. After 30 minutes or an hour, the breeder left these snails on their farm to eat and nourish them to regain strong mucin.

Spa treatment:

Some breeders use snail spa treatment for collecting snail mucin. In this method, snails are placed in a steam bath that gives the snail spa treatment without any harm.

Muller method:

 The Muller method is a harmless process for extracting Snail mucin used in Snail moisturizers. In this process, snails are cleaned also then sprayed with ozone that stimulates non-disturbing stress in a device where they extract non-bacterial snail secretion filtrate.

Snail Cream

Bottom line:

 Koreans love snails, and it is prohibited in Korea to damage snails. Various essential harmless techniques are used for snail mucin. Snails are not killed nor harmed during these procedures. Provital Cosmetics uses cruelty-free methods for preparing Snail cream for the face, as their team is familiar with Snails, takes care of them, and gives it the best supervision to get the effecting snail mucin.

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