Can I use Snail Cream every day?


Snail Cream is filled with many high-quality ingredients with no cons for the skin. You can use it every day once or twice, depending on your skin condition, without fear of harsh reactions. It contains nature-based ingredients that are beneficial for your skin’s health.

Best time to use:

It’s good to use Snail Creams at night due to their long-term beneficial effects. It completely depends on your skin condition. If you want to use it for a moisturizer or restoration purpose, applying it at night is great, as skin soaks it in for a long time and gives relevant results. Snail Cream Korea gives results within two weeks to one month after applying. For instant results, you can use it twice daily in the morning or at night; you get results within two weeks of applying Snail cream.

How to use it:

The application of Snail moisturizer is relatively easy. For effective results, use it with the instructions:

  • Firstly, cleanse your face with the cleanser and leave it to completely dry.
  • If you have any Snail serum, apply it before the cream.
  • Take a pea-sized cream, and apply it to your face.
  • The final step is to massage in a circular motion until complete absorption.

Who Should Use it:

Because of their skin-friendly nature, Korean Snail cream for the face is ideal for all skin types. So, don’t worry if you have dry, oily, or combination skin. But if you have any Snail allergic history, it’s great to skip using Snail moisturizers or other Snail-infused products.

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