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Get Back Your Lost Glowy Skin With Snail Slime

Snail cream

Snail mucin or snail slime is over-hyped and trendy among Koreans while also gaining popularity worldwide. Koreans are very conscious about beauty and use snail mucin in their skincare routine to get flawless skin. K-beauty discovered innovations like snail cream, snail serum, snail essence, and moisturizer to repair uneven, blemished skin.

If you are looking for skincare products that can eliminate skin concerns without side effects. So, snail mucin or snail-infused products are powerful enough to regain your lost skin.

Here, we will go into the depth of the topic to narrate a comprehensive guide of its benefits and side effects and answer any related questions; read on.

A brief history behind Snail mucin

In the 1960s, a Spanish oncologist, Dr.Rafael Abad Iglesias, used snails to treat cancer and observed that snails secrete a filtrate, which is beneficial for skin inflammation. Later, in the 1980s, Chilean breeders noticed that their hands became soft and smooth, and their wounds healed rapidly during snail supervision. A Chilean was the first to rediscover snail mucin and incorporate it with skincare products by innovating “Chilean Snail Cream Elicina.”

What is Snail mucin?

Snail mucin for skin, also called snail secretion filtrate, is a trail of snails secreted by snails when they walk on bumpy surfaces under stress. It is a clear, viscous, and sticky gel-like secretion of Snails, especially edible snails, which are commonly used for snail slime in skincare products such as gardening snail Helix Aspersa and Cryptomphalus Aspersa.

Ingredients of snail mucin

Snail mucin

Snail slime has many nutritional ingredients, such as protein. Hyaluronic acid, enzymes, iron zinc, proteoglycans, etc., are beneficial to hydrate your skin, heal wounds, and regenerate your damaged and uneven skin with fresh, glowy skin. Active ingredients of snail mucus, which makes it ideal for incorporating in skincare products to enhance skin beauty and nature, are listed below,

  1. Elastin and Collagen(Proteins)
  2. Hyaluronic Acid
  3. Antimicrobial Peptides
  4. Glycolic Acid
  5. Antioxidants
  6. Allantoin
  7. Copper peptides

All these active ingredients play an important role in revitalizing skin in different aspects to deal with many skin concerns. 

Benefits of Snail Mucin 

Snail mucin

Snail mucin has an all-in-one feature to fight many skin-related problems at once. It is crucial in improving skin conditions like wrinkles—freckles, dead skin, etc. Here, we disclose some benefits of using snail slime.

Deep hydration

In snail slime, an active ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, which acts as a humectant to moisturize dry and dehydrated skin. It acts as a skin barrier against bacterial and fungal infections. Also, it attracts water molecules, locks into the skin for hydration, and keeps it moist, resulting in fresh, glowy skin.

Reduce Aging signs

One of the main benefits of Snail mucin is to provide a youthful look to the skin by reducing aging signs of skin. It works to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.

Transport nutrients and Vitamins

Snail mucin helps to transport nutrients and vitamins to the skin to improve blemishes and restore lost beauty. Antioxidants such as Vitamins A and E are found in snail creams and protect against environmental attack. It helps to repair skin damage caused by sun exposure or UV radiation. 

Is snail cream good for your face?

Yes, snail cream is good to use on the face because of its multi-faceted benefits and is ideal for all skin types. However, if you have allergic skin, consider doing a patch test before using it on the face.

Can I use snail cream every day?

Snail cream contains nature-based ingredients that defend your skin from bacterial or fungal infections. So, you can use it daily once or twice according to your skin type or condition.

Does snail cream replace moisturizer?

Snail cream has hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic acid and glycoproteins, which efficiently hydrate and plump dry skin. However, snail creams are not designed to replace moisturizers. It should be used properly with a quality moisturizer for dry skin to enhance its efficacy.

What are the side effects of using Snail cream?

Korean snail mucin is harmless to the skin because it contains no ingredient that worsens the skin. Yet, there is no long-term research on the side effects of snail mucin; while many dermatologists say that snail mucin has beneficial components, it is safe for all skin types except allergic skin. If you are allergic to snails or have extra sensitive skin, take a patch test before applying it on the face.

Are Snails killed for Snail cream?

Snails are treated ethically and undergo various cruelty-free methods for extracting snail secretion filtrate. Snails are not killed nor harmed under these methods.

Should I use Snail Cream in the morning or at night?

It depends on your skincare routine or skin condition. However, in the morning, snail cream protects your skin from environmental influences, while at night, when you sleep, your skin is in repairing mode, so it can stay on your face for the whole night to regenerate your natural skin.

Which snail cream is best?

Many reputable brands offer high-quality snail creams and serums, but choosing the right snail product for your skin is efficient for results. At Provital Cosmetics, you can buy the best regenerating snail cream, which gives you visible results.


Here are some frequently asked questions related to the efficacy of snail cream.

Does snail cream lighten skin?

Snail cream has antioxidants that can diminish dark spots, improve skin texture, regain natural skin color by removing uneven skin tone, and give a dewy glow to the skin. After resolving these factors, your skin looks more bright.

Does Snail cream tighten skin?

Korea snail cream has tightening ingredients like niacinamide, peptides, retinol, etc., which play a role in tightening up your skin and giving it firmness.

 Does Snail cream work for wrinkles?

Wrinkles are the doorway toward aging skin. Snail cream has glycolic acid, proteins, and snail mucin, which increase the collagen level and work together to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Is snail cream anti-aging?

Yes, snail cream is very beneficial to make your skin young and gives a youthful look to the skin. It has powerful ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen, and zinc, targeting aging factors and improving skin texture.


Many people use snail-infused products in their skincare routine due to their healing, repairing, and restoring properties. It is a game-changer product in the beauty world. It contains many natural ingredients like aloe vera and plant extracts, which maintain the skin’s natural beauty.

Snail mucin is a cost-effective ingredient if you are possessive about skin or want to get Koreans-like glossy skin. Adding snail mucin or snail-infused products to your skincare routine enhances your beauty.

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